Malaysia Airlines MH 17 Crashed in Ukraine 296 Pax Died on Board

Malaysia Airlines MH 17 Crashed in Ukraine 296 Pax Died on Board

Najib Require Perpetrators To Justice 

MH17 Crash in Ukraine,

Prime Minister Najib Razak said that if Malaysia Airlines MH17 really Airliner was Shot Down, The Perpetrators must be brought to Justice quickly.Najib held a press conference, said Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crashed in Ukraine confirmed that MH17, but Malaysia has not yet able to confirm the Ukrainian side of the argument that is being Separatists Airliner shot down.At this stage Malaysia is unable to verify the reasons for  the Incident, but we must also find this Aircraft flight will be what happened."We will get to the bottom if it is confirmed that the Aircraft was shot down, we require Perpetrators must be brought to Justice. " 
Aircraft did not send a distress signal, but this is only seven minutes long   Najib's press conference, did not set up Question and Answer session.     

Expressionless Nagy at a Press Conference  accompanied by many ministers get, including Defense Minister Hishammuddin Foreign Minister Anifah, Prime Minister's Department on behalf of the Minister and the Minister of Transport and Vice Transportation Minister Abdul Aziz.Najib noted that the Aircraft did not issue a distress signal, the route is to obtain the approval of the ICAO and the International Air Transport Association also stated that the Aircraft flying in Areas not restricted area. He said the purpose of his flight 295 people, including 280 passengers and 15 crew members Malaysia Airlines and Passengers are being Notified of the families of the Crew. He said Malaysia is sending a Disaster Assistance and Rescue and Medical Teams to the Ukrainian Capital Kip. He pointed out that the Authorities have set up an Emergency Operations Center, in the past few hours, Malaysian officials are in touch with colleagues in Ukraine and other countries. "I will in the next few hours, with a number of world leaders talk." 

International teams into the Disaster , he said, is itself already with President Obama, The President of Ukraine And Prime Minister of the Netherlands Poroshenko Lvte by Telephone. "I received President Obama's call, he and I both agree that the Investigation can not be any Obstruction. An International team must be able to pass unimpeded into the disaster, no one can interfere with the scene or move the wreckage, including the black box." he said. , Poroshenko will have to ensure that an Independent Investigation, while Malaysian officials will be invited to participate Poroshenko will also negotiate with separatists in the country, set up a Humanitarian Corridor in the affected areas in Eastern Ukraine. It is unfortunate day in Malaysia within a year.  

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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor