Report From Air Algerie AH 5017 Crash Site

Though the cause of the Crash is unknown, the Flight path took the Aircraft through a turbulent area hit by regular Thunderstorms at this time of year, according to CNN meteorologist Mari Ramos.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said the cause of the accident was still unknown sbut that significant storms were active in the area and the crew explicitly had the attention to reroute due to weather before losing contact with Aircraft, 
Differing accounts continue to emerge of the number and Nationalities of people on the plane.

Air Algerie said the plane was carrying 110 passengers and six crew members, but Hollande gave a different number.

Hollande said 51 French Nations were on board but at a News Conference later Friday, broadcast by BFMTV. Fabius put the number at 54.

Fabius said the aim was to bring the victims remains as quickly as possible to Gao, so that they can be Identified and returned to their home countries.

Mamadou Zoungrana told CNN Canadian Affiliate CBC that his wife and two sons were on the Flight. She had wanted to leave on an Earlier Flight.

He didn't want to change the Flight, he said it will be OK. Maybe if I canceled.
The plane's departure country of Burkina Faso had 24 people aboard, the Airline said.
The Passengers also included Six Algerians Five Canadians Four Germans Two from Luxembourg and one each from Mali, Cameroon, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania, Nigeria and Egypt, Air Algerie said.

Air Algerie said all six crew members were Spanish. The plane belongs to a private Spanish company, Swiftair but was operated by Air Algerie.

Burkina Faso's Prime Minister Luc Adolphe Tiao said 28 of those aboard were from Burkina Faso, four more than the number stated by the Airline.

The plane belongs to Swiftair, 
The Passengers are from Algeria,Canada,
Germany   Luxembourg  Mali, Cameroon, 
Belgium, Ukraine, 
Roman, Nigeria and Egypt,
cause of the Crash is unknown,
plane was carrying 110 passengers, 
six crew members were Spanish,

Mohini Porwal [ B Sc] Trainee News Editor
Trainee News Editor