Airport Extension Is waste Of Money

Airport Extension Is waste Of Money

After more than 40 years in the Travel and Tourism Industry fail to see a need for a second runway at Sunshine Coast Airport.
correct in thinking this is a new east west runway that is being spoken about.

The new runway would cost millions of dollars to build, so the SC Council would have to have agreements in place for more Airlines to utilise the facility before they proceed.

To have an Airline, especially International Airlines, utilise such a facility requires agreement on a huge number of rules and regulations that Govern International Flights. It is extremely complex.

The Airlines would also have to do feasibility studies to make sure the Flights both in and out of the Airport would be financially viable.

Coast's Airport Runway Report is on the way then you have to consider such matters as Immigration and Customs and that cost if there is only one International Flight per day.

The big question is why would an International Airline Fly into the Sunshine Coast Airport when just over 100km away you have the first class Brisbane Airport, which is building a second runway and has all the International Facilities.

Instead of spending money on the second runway the management should be looking at other initiatives such as Flights to and from Australian Airports north of the Sunshine Coast as a new market.

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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor