Flying Colours SUS services many types of business Jets in its 60,000sq ft facility.

Peterborough, Ontario based Flying Colours is a privately owned and operated Aviation Services Company. The 25 year old MRO specializes in maintenance, repair and overhaul services, completions and modification services for business Aircraft. In 2009 Flying Colours acquired JetCorp, located on Spirit of St. Louis Airport (KSUS) in St. Louis, Mo., to enable the Canada based company to expand its overall MRO and completion capacity with more hangar space, specialized skilled workers and a U.S. presence.

JetCorp, a charter company formed in the early 1980s, maintained its own fleet of Learjets for about 10 years before offering maintenance to the public. One of its early clients operated a fleet of Falcons, and the MRO developed a significant reputation for working on both types.

When Flying Colours acquired the St. Louis operation it kept the JetCorp name to maintain continuity. In addition to its strong reputation for maintenance, JetCorp was a growing name for completions/conversions, and the new owners believed it would not benefit from an immediate name change to Flying Colours. The operation was rebranded to Flying Colours KSUS last year.

The decision to rename the St. Louis operation had the effect of bringing the full scope of Flying Colours service under one company name. It served to align the operational activities at the two locations, which now mirror each other in terms of capabilities and output,” said Troy Funk, vice president of technical services in St. Louis. Since then, Flying Colours has experienced significant growth in maintenance activity, in addition to its completion, refurbishment and avionics capabilities. Much of this has been underpinned by activity at the JetCorp site.

The Flying Colours KSUS facility consists of five buildings totaling 60,000 sq ft, including 40,000 sq ft in three separate hangars for maintenance and avionics, 15,000 sq ft for interior upholstery and woodshops and 5,000 sq ft for components/accessory shops. The MRO is a Bombardier authorized service facility with particular expertise on Challenger 300, 604 and 605 maintenance, including the heavy 96-month inspections that entail a comprehensive review of the entire Aircraft. 

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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
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