Campaign Continues for Secondary Cockpit Safety Barriers

Campaign Continues for Secondary Cockpit Safety Barriers

Ellen Saracini,a Pennsylvania resident and the widow of United Airlines Flight 175 pilot Victor Saracini, last week continued her push through a series of videos to convince the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure committee to support installation of secondary cockpit security barriers on airliners. The cockpit of United 175 was one of four breached on 9/11.

In a news release, Ellen Saracini singled out that committee’s chairman, Congressman Bill Shuster,for what she calls his failure to understand the real issue and act on bipartisan legislation,which she claimed is supported by more than 50 members of Congress. Representative Shuster believes cockpit security is the domain of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), not his committee, according to a statement issued by his office. He also believes the need for secondary barriers could become more apparent if the TSA conducted a full risk assessment of the situation, something that agency has failed to do.

In a video created by Saracini, Shuster can be heard explaining there hasn’t been a cockpit attack in 12 years. However, according to a 2013 paper published by the Air Canada Pilots Association, called Improving the Canadian Civil Aviation Security System, There have been 10 hijacking attempts around the world since 2007. Three of the incidents involved two or more attackers, three incidents involved the use of a firearm, one involved the use of a knife, and in three of the incidents the hijackers claimed to have an explosive device.

Saracini is continuing to release new videos aimed at Shuster’s constituents through the November election.

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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor
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