Tom Appleton Appointed President of DAC Aviation

Tom Appleton Appointed President of DAC Aviation

A business Executive with strong credentials in Aerospace operations, sales and executive management, Mr.Appleton will bring to the DAC group a wide range of experience as a senior executive of Canadian and International Aerospace companies,including Bombardier Aerospace and Piaggio America.

Emmanuel Anassis,founder and Chairman of DAC Aviation, said Tom’s strong record of innovation in Aerospace business will be of value as we take the company to the next level.A skilled and effective communicator, his hands on experience encompasses many business areas of relevance to the DAC Aviation enterprise.Tom will bring excellent leadership to the executive management team and support DAC’s business development and future corporate growth initiatives in Canada and elsewhere.

Mr.Appleton said I look forward to joining with the founding team of DAC Aviation, to build on the strong base established by their 20 year record of success operating in an unusually challenging business environment. 

DAC Aviation International is a Montreal based company active in the provision of humanitarian Aviation services and specialized air transport services for the OIL, gas and petroleum industry in developing areas of the world. 

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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
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