Air Canada Express Flight 8481 Crash Landing

Air Canada Express Flight 8481 Crash Landing 

An Air Canada passenger was injured last week after a plane propeller broke off and sliced through the cabin, striking her on the head

Christina Kurylo was one of 71 people, including four crew, on board Air Canada Express Flight 8481 from Calgary which was forced to make an emergency landing on Thursday evening.

Ms Kurylo was sitting in a window seat as the plane hit the runway and the right side propeller snapped off, becoming lodged in the fuselage.

The plane, a twin engine Bombardier Q400, had left Calgary bound for Grande Prairie, Alta, around 348 miles away, according to Canadian newspaper The Globe.
All of the sudden, something came crashing through the window and I got hit in the head, Ms Kurylo said in an interview following the incident. I’m lucky it wasn’t worse, she added, while crediting the passenger sitting beside her with helping her get off the plane.

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