Air Canada, LAN Airlines in B 787 Orders Conversions

Boeing (BOE, Chicago O'Hare) has announced several changes to its Aircraft Order Book for the month of May. In its latest release, the US manufacturer said Air Canada (AC, MontrĂ©al Trudeau) and LAN Airlines (LA, Santiago de Chile Int'l) had both converted B787-8 order slots into the larger B787-9 with the Canadians converting seven and the Chileans eight.

This is Air Canada's second such conversion this year after it switched six B787-8 order slots into B787-9s back in February. As it now stands, Air Canada has eight B787-8s left on order from Boeing while its B787-9 backlog stands at twenty-nine.

For its part, LAN now has twelve B787-9s on order from Boeing with its B787-8 order book now reduced to four outstanding units.