Bomb Threat Reported On Saskatoon-Bound WestJet Flight

Another WestJet Flight — the third in the past week — has received a bomb threat. 
WestJet reported its Toronto to Saskatoon Flight received the threat late Tuesday evening.
Flight 323 landed safely at the John Diefenbaker Airport in Saskatoon, WestJet reported. Saskatoon Police are on the scene leading an investigation with the assistance of Airline and Airport officials, treating the incident as a criminal matter. 

The 737-700 Airliner was carrying 113 passengers and five crew members. All people on the plane left the Aircraft safely via stairs and boarded a bus.They will be interviewed and debriefed by Saskatoon police members, said police spokeswoman Kelsie Fraser.

"I can confirm that the threat did come into the Airport authority here in Saskatoon," she said.

The threat came in shortly after 7:00 p.m., Fraser confirmed. "We can't establish a connection at this point," to previous threats made to WestJet flights earlier this week, Fraser said.

The city's police force is also working with Saskatoon fire and transit members, as well as with the Airport Authority, and WestJet personnel. 

It is the latest in a recent rash of threats for WestJet and the Canadian Aviation industry.

Six passengers were injured during an emergency evacuation of a WestJet flight in Winnipeg on Monday night. The Boeing 
737-700 was about an hour and a half into its flight from Edmonton to Toronto when it made its emergency landing due to a received threat. Passengers eventually arrived in Toronto on Tuesday.

A WestJet flight from Edmonton to Halifax diverted to Saskatoon after a threat on June 27.The municipal Airport in Kincardine, Ont., had received a phone call claiming an explosive device was on board.

Meanwhile, a bomb threat was found on a note on an Air Canada Flight on June 25, which caused the St. John's International Airport to temporarily close.

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Eesha Rohida [ MBA Mktg ]
Aviation News Editor