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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Recent Air Disasters call for Airlines To live stream Aircraft Data

Recent Air Disasters call for Airlines To live stream Aircraft Data

A string of Aviation Tragedies is igniting calls for Airlines to adopt Technology that can send a plane’s Flight data the Critical Information stored in black boxes from the air to the ground in real time.

One Canadian maker of the Technology, Calgary based Flight Aerospace Solutions, is in the midst of installing live streaming software in the entire fleet of Aircraft for First Air, which flies in Canada’s remote northern regions. But so far, larger carriers have been hesitant to jump on board.

Experts say the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disaster could have been a very different story if such technology was in place.

The lay person will say,What can we do with our cellphones We can track each other Why can’t we do the same with an aircraft said University of Toronto engineering professor Doug Perovic.
Black boxes contain cockpit voice recordings and Flight data Information such as the plane’s speed, altitude and location, various sensor readings and positions of flaps which are vital in helping crash investigators reconstruct what happened.

But as history has shown, locator beacons can’t always be relied upon to recover black boxes when Planes Crash into the water. It took two years to recover the black boxes of Air France Flight 447 after it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009. Investigators have yet to locate the black boxes of Flight 370, which disappeared in March while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

These incidents have Spurred calls for the Aviation Industry to adopt devices that can transmit black box data up to satellites and then to the ground in real time. The devices can be programmed to automatically begin live streaming data when an anomaly occurs, such as the failure of an engine or loss of pressure in the cabin.

In Flight data streaming can also be activated manually by Pilots or by Airline Staff on the ground.

Personnel on the ground can quickly evaluate the streamed data and provide support to the Plane’s Crew or initiate search and rescue operations if a crash is inevitable.

Live streaming technology looks increasingly necessary, said an Editorial in the trade Publication Aviation Week in April, noting that the equipment for alerting and streaming exists today.

But at a time when the Airline Industry is reporting a 2.4 per cent net profit margin  which equates to less than $6 per seat carriers have been slow to adopt the technology.

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Monday, July 28, 2014


Sunwing Flight 772 WAS ESCORTED BACK TO TORONTO BY U.S. FIGHTER JETS Of all the weeks to make off hand Airplane Threats, this week of Aviation related disasters is probably not one of the best. So discovered a 25 year old Canadian man, whose alleged direct threats to an Aircraft forced the Panama bound Sunwing plane to turn back to Toronto, escorted by U.S. Fighter Jets. As if that weren’t traumatizing enough for the poor passengers, the Flight they were put on next It also had to make an emergency stop, thanks to a Medical Emergency. 

Sunwing Flight 772 took off as scheduled on Thursday, departing from Toronto to Panama with all around 200 passengers on board, as well as a crew of six. But, according to The Independent, after only 45 minutes in the Air, one of the passengers became unruly. A witness told CTV News that it all started when the Flight Attendant passed by handing out headsets. 

He basically just tore a strip off her, explaining how expensive the Cigarettes are here in Canada, he hates Canada, Passenger Bettina Bathe said to CTV Toronto. Then he said, with great expression using his hands, I just want to bomb Canada.

Sunwing President Mark Williams told the National Post that, after he heard the 25 year old threaten to blow up the plane, he decided that it was time for the Emergency Response Plan. This involved turning the jet around, calling in two F16s, and making an emergency landing at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. At that point, an armed tactical unit stormed the cabin, telling everyone to put their heads down, and arresting the unruly passenger, Ali Shahi. He was charged with endangering the safety of an Aircraft and uttering threats.  

Emergency landing at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport,

Mohini Porwal [ B Sc] Trainee News Editor
Trainee News Editor


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Canadian Aviation Bombardier cut about 2000 Jobs

Canadian Aviation Bombardier cut about 2000  Jobs

Canada's Bombardier will cut about 2000  jobs, the troubled Aviation Giant has announced in a major reorganisation.

This marks another step in Bombardier's evolution, said Pierre Beaudoin the company's president and chief executive officer, who said the overhaul, to be completed by January  of next year, would reduce costs and overhead.

A spokeswoman for the Montreal based company, Isabelle Rondeau, confirmed the size of the cuts.

Beaudoin said in his press release that the Reorganisation in particular of the Company Aerospace branch will enable us to be more agile and Flexible in addressing customer needs, while increasing our focus on growth areas.

Among other recent woes, Bombardier had less than anticipated demand for its Series medium range planes, which for a time were plagued by costly Engine Problems.

Company Officials announced that as part of the overhaul, one of its senior Officials, Aerospace President and Chief Operating Officer Guy Hachey, is stepping down.

Guy led Bombardier Aerospace during an important period in its history. Beaudoin said I wish to thank him for his contributions over the past six years. 

Bombardier, one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers, is the only company to build both planes and trains.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Report From Air Algerie AH 5017 Crash Site

Though the cause of the Crash is unknown, the Flight path took the Aircraft through a turbulent area hit by regular Thunderstorms at this time of year, according to CNN meteorologist Mari Ramos.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said the cause of the accident was still unknown sbut that significant storms were active in the area and the crew explicitly had the attention to reroute due to weather before losing contact with Aircraft, 
Differing accounts continue to emerge of the number and Nationalities of people on the plane.

Air Algerie said the plane was carrying 110 passengers and six crew members, but Hollande gave a different number.

Hollande said 51 French Nations were on board but at a News Conference later Friday, broadcast by BFMTV. Fabius put the number at 54.

Fabius said the aim was to bring the victims remains as quickly as possible to Gao, so that they can be Identified and returned to their home countries.

Mamadou Zoungrana told CNN Canadian Affiliate CBC that his wife and two sons were on the Flight. She had wanted to leave on an Earlier Flight.

He didn't want to change the Flight, he said it will be OK. Maybe if I canceled.
The plane's departure country of Burkina Faso had 24 people aboard, the Airline said.
The Passengers also included Six Algerians Five Canadians Four Germans Two from Luxembourg and one each from Mali, Cameroon, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania, Nigeria and Egypt, Air Algerie said.

Air Algerie said all six crew members were Spanish. The plane belongs to a private Spanish company, Swiftair but was operated by Air Algerie.

Burkina Faso's Prime Minister Luc Adolphe Tiao said 28 of those aboard were from Burkina Faso, four more than the number stated by the Airline.

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cause of the Crash is unknown,
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six crew members were Spanish,

Mohini Porwal [ B Sc] Trainee News Editor
Trainee News Editor

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A 70-seater TransAsia Airways Turboprop Passenger Plane Crash After Failing To Land During Typhoon In Taiwan

The 70-seater TransAsia Airways Turboprop had Minutes earlier been forced to abort a first attempt to touchdown on Penghu Island, west of the mainland.

But the second run ended in Disaster as Typhoon Matmo slammed into Taiwan bringing heavy rain and strong winds, shutting financial markets and schools.

A Total of 54 passengers and four Crew were on board as emergency services battled against the flames to take 11 injured from the ATR 72 to Hospital no one on the ground was killed or injured.

The Aircraft had taken off from Taiwan’s Southern City of Kaohsiung, headed for the island of Makong, but Crash-Landed in Huxi township of Penghu County, main island of the Pescadores chain.

A Penghu County Government Fire Bureau spokesman said  It was Thunderstorm Conditions during the Crash.
From the Crash Site we sent 11 people to Hospital with Injuries. A few empty apartment buildings adjacent to the runway aught fire, but no one was inside at the time and the fire was extinguished.”

About 100 Fire fighters were sent to the scene, besides 152 military personnel and 255 police

As Typhoon Matmo swept by and headed into China, it was downgraded from Typhoon to Tropical Storm.

TransAsia Airways is a Taiwan-based Airline with a fleet of around 23 Airbus and ATR aircraft, Operating Chiefly short-haul Flights on domestic routes as well as to mainland China, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia, among its Asian destinations.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An Grassroots Event That Showcases The Canadian Aviation Industry 2014,

The Event kicks off a with the pancake breakfast and plane arrivals before the 
Official opening ceremonies 

However when Spectators are viewing the Phil Symmans and his Pitts Model 12, the two Harvards Piloted by David and Drew Watson or Peter Herzig’s T-28 Trojan, Grypma would like people to think of life in Nelson without an Airport.

A Nelson that would need to have Airevac Patients driven to Castlegar for Transport a city that would need to have Helicopters Fighting Potential Fires waste potential time flying in the air to say the Salmo Airport or Search and Rescue Teams, such as the Canadian Forces Buffalo Aircraft once again pick an alternate location to land during Rescue Missions.

This is a family event for people from two to 92 years with plenty of Aircraft on display but the Airshow is a way to make people aware of the Airport that we have in our community the gateway that it is to the rest of the world, explained Grypma, adding that Nelson is a place that no matter where a person is located in the Heritage City they can enjoy the show.

People who don’t fly in and out of the airport tend to forget about how important it is to our community for tourism but also functions such as search and rescue, fire suppression medivacs.

The Airshow acts begin at with Demonstrations from Performers including Mark Humbke Bill Carter solo Aerobatic show and many, many more class acts throughout the day.

This is a grassroots event that not only showcases the airport for what it stands for but the opportunities presented by Aviation,

It’s really Important in this day and age to Highlight the Importance of Aviation because with the shortage of Pilots, we want to encourage people to get involved in Aviation for whatever reason  Financial, Opportunity or a career because there’s going to be a huge shortage of Pilots and we don’t want to get into the situation where need to high Foreign Pilots to Fly Canadian Airplanes.”

Grypma,said one of our performers organizers were able to scoop is Female Pilot Anna Serbinenko, who is Flying Canadian Flight Centre’s Super Decathlon   a plane built by American Champion Aircraft for the purpose of Aerobatic Training.

The last airshow held in 2011 attracted thousands of spectators to the airport and kept heads gazing up into the skies over Nelson and Kootenay Lake while a host of planes on the ground had spectators seeing first hand aviation at its best.

The Organizing Committee has been busy Finalizing all the necessary paperwork with Transport Canada.

The bi-annual Event was missed in 2013 but thanks to amazing corporate support from the community, the $40,000 to $50,000 needed to run the Event to the break-even point is ready for takeoff.

This is a truly fun, family event,who doubles as the Air Safety Officer. People are so interested in airplanes. From the latest to the greatest we have old antiques and a wide ranges of Aircraft coming to not only Fly but for display people can get up close and Personal.
Pre-World War II Trainers Right through to some Military Equipment If Possible.

Western Canada Aviation Museum,
Aviation World Canada,
Canadian Aircraft,

Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor